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Last updated July 13, 2004
Managing Open Innovation
Academy of Management
Professional Development Workshop
August 7, 2004

The professional development workshop will be held prior to the Academy of Management 2004 meeting in New Orleans. The workshop is co-sponsored by the Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) and Business Policy and Strategy (BPS) divisions of the Academy. The program will be held at

Sheraton New Orleans Hotel
Session #236
Salon 820 (Eighth Floor)
Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

You are strongly urged to pre-register via e-mail with Wim Vanhaverbeke.

More information regarding the PDW includes:


The panelists for this workshop are:

We provide more information about the panelists’s open innovation research interests.

Official Abstract

Successful innovation and competitive advantage often comes from leveraging external sources of ideas and external lisensing, alliances and venturing are important instruments to tap into the discoveries of others. This PDW focuses on the research agenda to move this approach to innovation forward. Here are some possible topics for such an agenda:

  • Inside the firm: dealing with the Not Invented Here bias of strong R&D organizations; managing internal competition for channels to market; knowledge transfer within the firm vs. from outside the firm
  • Outside the firm: identifying useful sources of knowledge and technology; benefits and costs of Internet-mediated knowledge networks; how to manage research collaborations outside the firm
  • Intellectual property: Do strong IP rights promote or inhibit open innovation? How should IP be managed in a world of open innovation? When should firms choose to publish their knowledge, rather than protect it? What are the benefits and limits of open source methodologies in open innovation?
  • Between the firm and the financial markets: What are the right metrics for investors to evaluate a company's innovation capabilities in an open innovation world? What role should corporate venture capital play in the firm's innovation process? How can firms team with venture capitalists to become more innovative?
  • Interaction with the corporate strategy formation process: How do external technologies not only fill gaps in a company's current businesses but also shape corporate strategies? How are new 'search areas' defined and do they influence the strategy formation process and competence building process? How to manage this change process?