Keeping, Bending, or Changing the Rules:
Interfirm Interaction in Standardization

Academy of Management, Chicago
August 10, 2009 8:00am
Columbian Room, Hyatt Regency

Last Updated August 9, 2009

These pages are about the showcase symposium being held during the Academy of Management 2009 meeting in Chicago. (See the official program entry)


The session was organized by Kory Brown (University of Utah) and Joel West (San José State). It features four empirical papers by

These papers are discussed by Lori Rosenkopf (Wharton School) and Shane Greenstein (Northwestern University).


Slides are being posted as they are made available by the speakers.

  • Session Introduction (Kory Brown) [slides]
  • Presentations:
    • “Keeping steady as she goes: A negotiated order perspective on technological evolution” (Gina Dokko)
    • “Strategic Responses to Standardization: Embrace, Extend or Extinguish?” (Jason Woodard) [slides]
    • “Heterogeneous Productivity: Effect of Entry Timing and Value Chain Position
      in Multipartner Alliances” (Kory Brown)
    • “Intellectual Property Disclosure in Open Standards Development” (Tim Simcoe) [slides] [paper]
  • Discussant: Lori Rosenkopf
  • Discussant: Shane Greenstein
  • Interactive Discussion


Social order shapes the innovation and adoption decisions of firms participating in standardization. Conversely, as firms keep or challenge the rules of social order, their actions impact not only firm performance, but also the social order. In this symposium, we examine why order is maintained or challenged as actors keep, bend, or change the rules. More specifically, we examine the dynamics of social order in periods of incremental innovation, firm choice to extend standards, technology diffusion and intellectual property rights, and choices that lead to differential benefits to firms participating in standardization.

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