Last updated August 16, 2006
Open Source Software
Academy of Management
Professional Development Workshops
August 13, 2006

These pages are about a two-part professional development workshop that were held prior to the Academy of Management 2006 meeting in Atlanta. The workshops considered open source software from a variety of discplinary perspectives. They were sponsored by the TIM division and co-sponsored by the BPS and OCIS divisions of the Academy.

The two-part workshop includes:

  1. Open Source Software: Research Development Workshop (8:20-9:50 a.m.) A workshop for discussing the participants’ research papers on open source software. This workshop is for authors of accepted papers, who will be joined by a group of faculty mentors.
  2. Open Source Software: Bridging Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives (10:00-11:30 a.m.) The room was filled with 50 participants.

Both workshops took place in the Atlanta Marriott Marquis in International Meeting Room A. Participants could attend either or both workshops, but those interested in attending the research development workshop were required submit the paper in the required format by May 15, 2006.

Information available for this two-part PDW is as follows:

  1. Research Development Workshop
  2. Bridging Perspectives

See also Joel’s “Resources on Open Source Software”


  1. Kevin Crowston, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University (primary contact for workshop #1)
  2. Joel West, College of Business, San José State University (primary contact for workshop #2)